the pack campaign

You don’t know me. You have a perception of me. The smear campaign has begun. The dragging of my reputation just because they can’t admit the abuse they have committed against me. The pack shares a brain and they can’t have individual thoughts. To hear that I have a mental illness is projection since they have it themselves. It must be easier to make up mental illnesses than to confess how abusive they are. Something must be wrong with me since I refuse to be a part of their circus? How about you are all abusive and manipulative and I don’t want to be involved anymore. That’s the truth. I do not have a mental illness. I am just aware of how sick you all really are.

If you see someone get abused, then don’t sit silently. Do something! Speak up!
Stop going along with the pack and stand up for what is right. It just takes one person to think differently. Start using your brain to question things instead of letting others think for you.

3 responses to “the pack campaign”

  1. finding out that we are not the problem, even tho they make us think we really are is hard. But we will succeed.


      • I’m working on it. hopefully the therapy and the counseling will help me and my son. and not only us, my family as well, I didn’t know how much impact all this had with my parents and brother as well.


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