Narcissists are lazy

Narcissists do not want to change. They want to keep you scrambling for options. See they did the hard work to hook you in the first couple of weeks. Now it’s their time to sit back and drive you crazy. They are having fun when you spiral out of options. A healthy individual will strive to fix the situation by trying different communication skills, new therapy, researching because we do not like to give up on our narcissist/s. We think about what if we could just make them see how we feel. The fixer in us gets consumed with trying to find the answers. We talk to friends, spouses, family, and even counseling to make it work. These people will not change. It’s pouring love and effort into an endless black hole that will never get filled. That is the truth. Save your time and effort and apply that to yourself. Love yourself more than you love your narcissist/s.

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