Welcome to The Black Sheep Survives page. The Black Sheep’s story is a complex one which features a lot of secretive pain. This page is created to share my experiences and my life after awakening from hurt and pain suffered at the hands of familiar narcissists. This blog is inspired by my life story in order to help out those who might relate, shine a light on narcissistic abuse; which is invisible to others. This place is built to understand, cope, and beginning of healing together. My hopes are to help others who might be going through certain similarities so we can heal together. I do not use names instead I use my perception and experiences of them. Narcissism is not a well-known personality disorder that operates on a continuum. It makes it harder for people to understand personality disorders when they grew up in supportive and loving families. This path is to let the hurtful past go and seek the truth. We are as sick as our secrets. I intend to let all my secrets go.



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